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Meet Lorraine

A widely travelled mother, business woman, author, artist and teacher, Lorraine Hall has an adventurous spirit. From sleeping on the ice in Antarctica, to kayaking up close and personal with penguins and seals, and learning and healing with indigenous elders, Lorraine loves to explore. Lorraine currently lives in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales with her partner, Paul.

Multi-talented and very creative, Lorraine enjoyed a successful business career in hairdressing before what she describes as a natural progression kicked in – the shift towards art.

Lorraine obtained a Diploma of Fine Arts in 2008. ‘Sally,’ one of Lorraine’s most poignant paintings, that of her own inner child, proudly graces the front cover of ‘Our Little Secret.’

Lorraine was in her fifties when the first memories of the shocking abuse she experienced as a child began to surface. Life was turned upside down, and everything she knew was turned on its head. Attending ‘Heal for Life’ for the first time in 2009 opened a window of possibility – that perhaps she didn’t have to just live with the trauma, she could actually begin to heal it.

Lorraine has spent a lot of time studying and working with experts in trauma from the world of psychology, spirituality and embodiment, helping her to gain a better understanding of how abuse and trauma affect survivors’ emotional, physical and spiritual beliefs.

Volunteering regularly, spending much time supporting other victims on their journey, also helped Lorraine tremendously.

Happy at first just to survive, Lorraine now thrives and lives a happy and healthy life full of love and joy.

In 2015 Lorraine began “Awaken Your Impact,” a two-year business and personal mastery course with the dynamic Rachael Jayne and Datta Groover. There she gained many skills, including public speaking, which she will be practicing frequently as she shares ‘Our Little Secret’ with the world.

Fundamentally, Lorraine believes survivors need to be and feel safe to heal.

By sharing her memoir, ‘Our Little Secret,’ Lorraine’s heartfelt wish is to provide survivors, their families and friends with hope, knowledge and tools so they too can let go of their pain and live a good life.