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“Humans beings are born with an innate capacity to triumph over trauma.”
Dr. Peter A. Levine

“There is no greater gift than to be given HOPE. For anyone suffering from childhood trauma and abuse, Lorraine’s book offers hope, tools and knowledge.”
Liz Mullinar, CEO and founder of The Heal For Life Foundation

‘Our Little Secret’ opens the door of truth, honesty and integrity as author, Lorraine Hall, unravels her own personal secrets from her childhood.

In 2007 the first memory of Lorraine’s not so little secret made itself known.

“I didn’t know anything about depression. I do now.
I hadn’t ever heard of repressed memories. I have now.
I never recognised I had a mental illness. I do now.”

Flashbacks and the black pit of repressed memories dragged Lorraine into a world of feeling alone, isolated, cut off from family and friends, and what felt like the fight of her life to maintain her sanity.

Through courage and sometimes nothing more than pure willpower, Lorraine discovered the people, places and tools she needed to turn her life around. No more secrets.

Also a gifted artist, Lorraine painted ‘Sally,’ the picture of the little girl with the bright pink polka dot shorts which sits proudly on the front cover of her book.

Follow Lorraine’s courageous journey from the pain and suffering she experienced as the memories surfaced, transforming and healing through her art to the bright, colourful imagery she paints today.

Lorraine’s dearest wish is that by sharing her story, the ugly parts, the challenging parts and the amazing parts, she can help reduce suffering by offering survivors, and those who care for them, the tools and lessons that have helped her so much.

Lorraine has learned firsthand that there is HOPE, and it is safe to allow your ‘little secret’ to be heard.

You are not alone.