Bright, Bubbly and Very Welcoming

Lorraine Hall is one of those people you feel you have always known. She is bright, bubbly and very welcoming. Lorraine is one of the most courageous women I have met. Despite her childhood experiences, she somehow manages to find fuel in all of life’s circumstances to grow and evolve. What to most of us would seem overwhelming and daunting, Lorraine seems to manage to hold, due to her basic goodness and kindness and tenacity to push forward.

She has done deep self-reflection and healing, with seemingly fearless descent into the darkness, only to emerge lighter and brighter. Her truth and willingness to speak openly and candidly about subjects that most would shy away from, creates a communication arena that expects the same courage of others, while holding them in respect and honesty.

Lorraine has an underlying, nurturing countenance which invites one to feel safe to explore issues that might otherwise never surface. By her own self-exploration and healing, she creates a field around her that makes you aware that you can trust and be confident that “this is someone who knows and understands the human experience.”

Lorraine’s creativity, whether in art, writing or just creating a safe, comfortable space in which to be oneself, seems to flow from a genuine caring for her fellow beings, without judgment.

Sharon Grunwald
Child and Family Health Nurse, Reflexologist

I Am Not Alone

“Our Little Secret” helped me understand that I am not alone. There are many others like myself, struggling with behaviours and shame manifesting in our lives because of the abuse inflicted on us as children.

Using the de-triggering process explained in Lorraine’s memoir, I am now able to stay in many situations where before my behaviour, or the pressure of what was going on around me, would’ve caused me to leave. Getting in touch with my inner child and learning to nurture him has taught me to nurture myself as an adult.

“Our Little Secret” has helped me to understand who I am and that I do have value. The tools and understandings I have gained from this book have helped me to realize, yes, I do have issues, but they are not insurmountable, and they were not of my making. Like Lorraine, I was only a child with no power or choice in the situation and events which occurred.

Reading Lorraine’s book has helped me realise it’s not what’s wrong with me, but what happened to me, which controlled my behaviour. I know now that I do have choices, I am responsible for who I am and how I choose how to behave. Through the insights and tools I gained in bringing these into my life after reading “Our Little Secret,” I no longer react from the pain and fear from my wounded child.

Paul Gray
First witness in case 42, into the Anglican Church of Newcastle by the Royal Commission into Child Abuse.

Raw and Real

Lorraine doesn’t hold back. Her sharing of her journey from almost destroyed to healthy and joyful is raw, real and profound.

Before reading ‘Our Little Secret’ I had not heard of DID. Having survived childhood trauma myself, I gained a great deal of inspiration and comfort from Lorraine’s heartfelt sharing. I encourage anyone who has suffered abuse, or cares for one who has, to read Lorraine’s beautiful book.

You can expect to shed a few tears, but you will also get a wonderful sense of the sensitive, loving, creative woman who is Lorraine Hall. Allow yourself to be inspired by her courage, her spirit and her joy for life.

Karen Collyer

A Reminder to Look After Myself

Lorraine’s novel interweaves personal narrative with health-based strategies I believe many will benefit from.

The heartfelt content serves as a reminder to look after myself, and that recovery is possible, regardless of age.

I applaud her openness in confronting the truth her perpetrator, so consistently denied over decades, and how steadfast she has been in reclaiming her selves under a resilient umbrella of consciousness, bravely meeting whatever surfaces.

Relevant to those interested in Disassociative Identity Disorder.

Brent Shaub, Feldenkrais Practitioner